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  • 13 Nov 2017

    Enrique Lopez Select: 2017

    posted by Jamie Isetts, Green Coffee Buyer

    Enrique López of Finca Chelin is one of the most interesting producers we have ever worked with. This month, we’ll share a tiny lot that redefines coffee processing. See an album of photos from this harvest's visit here.

    A little background: Finca Chelin is a farm in Oaxaca, Mexico, just an hour or so away from the Pacific Ocean. Leave the beach by car and you’re suddenly struck with a massive rise in altitude as you climb thousands of meters to reach the estate. Enrique, the producer, is a life-long learner who questions everything about the coffee process. He loves to roast and brew, and works closely with the Mexican barista community. But his true love in coffee is processing: the magic that happens between the picking of the cherry and removal of the parchment from around the green bean.

    Enrique indulges in a fascination with beer. This passion inspired him to experiment with adding yeast and other substances to the fermentation of washed coffee. In the Chelin Gold, López pulps the coffee, then adds yeast and vitamins to the fermentation tank before washing off the mucilage. This riff on the washed process jumps off the cupping table with crazy citrus fruits like bergamot, meyer lemon, kefir lime---or just a really amazing grapefruit.

    This coffee really changes as you play with the brew parameters. Play with your normal recipe to accentuate flavors of tropical fruit, baking spices, or zesty citrus. We’ll only have this coffee on our offering list for a few short weeks, so enjoy it while you can!