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  • 12 Jul 2017

    Daliensis Silver Needles : Summer Tea Time

    posted by Jamie Isetts, Green Buyer

    This summer we’ll have a limited offering White Tea to add to our existing tea lineup: The Daliensis Silver Needle from our partners at Spirit Tea. The name of this tea conceals a lot of information. First, what is a Silver Needle Tea? Let’s examine two important determinants of tea style: pluck and process.

    Let’s start with the pluck. For silver needles, the pickers of the tea only pick the unopened leaf buds at the very beginning of the harvest. Since no leaves have been picked from the plant since the last harvest, the buds and leaves of the plant contain the maximum nutrients of any picking. This also makes them especially flavorful. Notice the white hairs on these buds. These are only present on the first pick of the season. The shape of the buds and the shiny effect of the hairs gives them the name of Silver Needle.

    Now, for the process. Silver Needles is a white tea. This means that it is only lightly oxidized. Remember, oxidation means exposing the tea leaves or buds to air. The process can be stopped by adding heat. White tea is clean and refreshing, and is traditionally consumed in the summer in China. Silver Needles historically has come from the Fujian province.

    The other part of the name is Daliensis. Most tea is of the species Camellia Sinensis. Our tea was harvested from a related, rare wild species called Camellia Daliensis. This Daliensis comes from the Yunnan province—-not typical for Silver Needles. Look for creamy mouthfeel and gentle flavors of vanilla and cinnamon sugar.

    Daliensis Silver Needles is a rare twist on a classic tea. Enjoy its cooling effect during the dog days of summer.