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  • 03 Aug 2017

    Album: Colombia Paraiso

    posted by Jamie Isetts, Green Buyer

    We just returned from visiting partner producers in Huila, Colombia. Here, a look at the group and one of the high-altitude farmers within it: Miguel Oscar Palma, and his young family. 


    1. Tarqui, at the foot of the Andes.

    2. The collection point for the El Paraíso association in Tarqui, Huila.

    3. The view at 1900 meters. Finca El Triunfo, Tarqui, Huila.

    4. The Palma family. Oscar is only in his second harvest of processing his coffee to dry parchment, but avoided many bad habits by beginning with quality measures and is already seeing a huge increase in the price he receives for his coffee.

    5. Caravela agronomist Marisela and farmer Miguel Oscar Palma assess the quality of Palma’s drying. At such a high altitude, his coffee dries slowly and carefully. Finca El Triunfo, Tarqui, Huila.

    6. A church in construction up the hill from the Palma family’s home.