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  • 03 Aug 2017

    Album: Colombia Monjes

    posted by Jamie Isetts, Green Buyer

    We just returned from visiting partner farms in Huila, Colombia. The Trujillo and Rojas families (who are related and live beside each other) hosted us on their farms in Oporapa. Both of these families are major contributors to Monjes, a coffee sourced from several independent producers in this town. 


    1. At Finca Las Aguilas, one of the contributing farms to Los Monjes, the Trujillo family has beautified their cherry funnel with a fresh coat of paint and some native plants.

    2. Finca Las Aguilas. vewed from the other side of the valley

    3. Peaking through the trees.

    4. The mist rolls in.

    5. Alban Trujillo, Finca Las Aguilas.

    6. Trujillo’s drying area. Parchment here is going through a pre-drying stage with more shade, and then is moved to a slightly less shady area to finish.

    7. The Rojas family; William Rojas is brother-in-law to Alban Trujillo. Their farm is right next door to Las Aguilas and is named after William’s wife, Ceneida (pictured at far right).

    8. An incredible view framed by the cherry funnel. Finca Ceneida, Oporapa, Huila.

    9. Coffee lands.

    10. William Rojas built a staircase up the mountain to make picking and maintenance easier on the steep slope. Here, a picturesque part of the trail.

    11. Robby in between some really tall coffee plants.

    12. The view over this valley of Monjes farms.

    13. Rojas shows off his wood-fire coffee roaster. Few farmers actually roast and drink their own coffee.

    14. Heavy rains left many rivers impassable except by improvised bridges like this one.

    15. Home of Alonzo Burban, another Monjes producer. El Roble, Oporapa, Huila

    16. Alonzo Burban’s one hectare farm, “La Loma.” This small lot of only Caturra was exceptionally well-cared for, even though Burban is new to coffee farming.