About Us

Our story

Like a lot of great ideas, Local Coffee’s started at a kitchen table. It was 2008 and Robby and Neesha Grubbs were hashing out the notion of opening an obsessively good coffee shop in San Antonio, which needed one. Specialty coffees were taking off, along with aficionados’ desire for excellent beans, good brewing technique and real knowledge behind the counter.

Within a year the first Local Coffee café opened in San Antonio. Customer loyalty and appreciation warranted opening three more cafés and the launch of our own roasting facility, Merit Roasting Co. We continue to source the finest coffee in the world, improve the art and science of brewing, and serve our community with integrity and professionalism.

We carry coffees from the best roasters in the US. The natural next step was to start roasting our own personally-sourced beans, which gives us control of and responsibility for the quality of the coffee in your cup. We renovated an old warehouse in South San Antonio and opened Merit Roasting Co. Now we’re traveling the world, building direct trade relationships and bringing back extraordinarily good beans to roast, grind, brew and sell.

Our Team
Andrew Schulz
Director of Roasting and Equipment
Merit Roasting Co.
Jamie Isetts
Director of Green Coffee
Merit Roasting Co.
Vincent Luna
Director of Cafés
Local Coffee
Paige Geffken
Social Media Manager
Justin Frey
Wholesale Manager
Merit Roasting Co.
Joe Garlitz
Lead Roaster
Merit Roasting Co.
Neesha Grubbs
Chief People Officer
Lauren Deal
Community Events Coordinator
Local Coffee
Alissa Garcia
Café Manager
Local Coffee, Alamo Heights
Harmony Choi
Café Manager
Local Coffee, Pearl Brewery
Katie Well
Café Manager
Local Coffee, Medical Center
Emily Coté
Café Manager
Local Coffee, Stone Oak
Dave Vela
Café Manager
Local Coffee, Shavano Park
Stephanie Bush
Café Manager
Local Coffee, Leon Springs